From the Desk of Manager

“Professional Education is not a matter of chance rather a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited rather achieved by ones burning desire “

Growth & development of Nation as well as Industries is very much concern with the development of Industrial Training Institutes. Nation will only grow when the industries will grow which totally dependent on the quality of trainee coming out of the various Industrial Training Institutes & meeting the expectations of the industries.

To ensure the meeting the expectations of industries the individual I.T.Is has to produce the trained students at par not only with the quantitative but also qualitative. To meet these expectations our Ministry of Labour & Employment has set up the NCVT/DGE&T & QCI to set up in line with the international benchmark for accreditation mechanism. This mechanism will help to meet the national target of skilled man power. For the above we the “ Ganpati Private ITI” is assuring to adhere the guidelines of NCVT/DGE&T and QCI not to just for getting affiliation but also understanding its moral/social & ethical duty.




( Manager )